Abortion is Spiritual Warfare

by Wavinya Wanyasa
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Legalized Abortion is Slavery to Satan

I thank the Most High for the gift of life and the discernment to tell what is good in spite of the evil surrounding us.

In this era of the artificial covid narrative, a lot of people have sunk into depression owing to the fears, both natural and artificial, that have continually encompassed us.

At just such a time (when one might think men ought be especially kind to one another) policies after policies targeting the preborns for destruction have been passed and are continually being pushed.

These satanic policies of murdering the preborns have continually preyed on human emotions with specious reasoning, bullying people through repetition to believe that killing the youngest, most defenceless persons is a “human right”.

specious /ˈspiːʃəs/ adjective

superficially plausible, but actually wrong.

“a specious argument”


The challenge over the din of incessant, lying propaganda is to convince people that abortion is neither healthcare nor a human right. In fact it is a human WRONG since it is the killing of a human person, and directly contrary to the Hippocratic Oath. So why is it still a challenge?

Why do we still find ourselves explaining and pointing out that abortion is indeed murder? Do not the propagators of this God-damned evil know exactly what abortion IS?

Well, let us reason together…

Unless they are mentally handicapped and / or very young girls, women who seek abortion services certainly do know and are aware that they are in actual sense destroying an innocent life.

The wicked abortionists know far too well that they kill innocent human persons. To this extent, they have in effect and in deed become soulless practitioners of witchcraft: whether for money (like Judas Iscariot) or in service to false ideology…or both. The effect is identical.

Doubtless many “physicians” who might recommend and even offer abortion services, would themselves not have abortions. They know that abortion is the gruesome murder of an innocent person. It cannot be over-emphasized: they are no longer doctors, but are in fact exo-Hippocratic witches.

If then for a fact, both the women seeking the services of the abortionists and the abortionists themselves do know that abortion is murder, what really is fuelling this homicidal…nay, genocidal madness?

Forces of darkness, subject to the father of lies himself, surround the abortion industry and feed on human sacrifice. This is spiritual warfare against the Lord and His Anointed One, authored by satan himself and propagated by fallen angels, demons, and the fallen, corrupted men they possess & influence.

The Book of Enoch [in the Ethiopian Orthodox Bible], chapter 69, verse 13 reads:

“And the fifth [fallen angel] was named Kasdeja: this is he who showed the children of men all the wicked smitings of spirits and demons, and the smitings of the embryo in the womb that it may pass away.”

“Abortionists are not doctors. They are exo-Hippocratic witches.”

Dr. Stephen k. Karanja, ob/gyn
chairman, Kenya Catholic Doctors Association

Is it any wonder that fallen angels themselves reportedly taught men and women all manners of evil, in order to desecrate the image of the Most High in man, and to subvert & destroy the family of mankind?

It’s no secret at all that in spite of evidence-based research showing that the fertilized egg (Latin: conceptus) is already a human person in development, the bloodthirsty vampires of the abortion industry cannot cease pushing their agenda. To that extent, they must be arrested and prosecuted and their sentence executed. They know what they are doing.

The foremost sponsors of this evil are themselves satanists and know that abortion is in actual sense a brutal ritual to their defeated false deity, satan.

With all this in mind, the question that begs then is, what do we do about it? How do we destroy their work? HOW THEN SHALL WE LIVE? (cf. Ezekiel 33; 2nd Peter 3)

Persevere in strategic prayer and action, go to the grassroots, and teach people the life-saving Truth. Organize not only to rescue the perishing, but to enforce the law and arrest those who are devouring them. Arrest everyone involved in homicidal abortion, from the woman to the family facilitators, to the evil abortionists…and prosecute the perpetrators.

Arm the ignorant with facts and uphold those cultures that protect and revere the preborns. Call on people to stand up and CONFRONT these abortionists peddling their bloody services in neighborhoods.

Call out governments to ensure laws are in place to protect the preborns.

Charge those committing the crime, in this case, the mother of the slain baby and the hitman hired to destroy the little life. If she is mentally handicapped and / or very young, the judge will take the facts into consideration. The preborns deserve the same defense as the born.

We must repent, take back our power from lying policymakers, & enforce GOD’s laws. While reaching out to women in pregnancy crises, we will have avert the anger and wrath of The Creator. Otherwise, Prophet Moses warned that the earth herself will surely vomit us out!

In this endeavour, we can never be alone. The Creator of life Himself has our backs and is on our side.

We should then be bold with this truth and fight abortion at all levels, especially within our own communities.

Take your time, & reach out to the young people around you. Extend your talks to your church gatherings and intentionally talk about this evil, to have it rooted out. Persevere in victorious faith, and we shall overcome the satanic forces of this world.

Open your mouth for the dumb in the cause of all such as are appointed to destruction. Open your mouth, judge righteously, and plead the cause of the poor and needy.

Proverbs of solomon
Ch. 31 v. 8

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