“Same-Sex Marriage is a Grave Crime Against Humanity”

by Jonathan O'Toole
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[Editor’s commentary: Feminism is a lie that leads to death and enslavement to sin. Upon the commission of the first criminal action, the first man Adam feared to tell the first woman Eve that she was in fact a criminal. Instead, even though he was not deceived as she was (as to the lawfulness of the action), he collaborated and entered into the sin whereby death entered the world of mankind.

Adam did this not simply because he was proverbially “pussy-whipped” (a slave to his libido), but because Eve represented the whole human race. In terms of mankind, she was the world. She was not only Adam’s spouse, she was also his only daughter, his only human friend, his only sister, and the apparent mother of all the living. Christians in the West and under Christ-hating Jewish mind control have wasted decades trying to redeem first-wave feminism from the clutches of second and third-wave feminism. To borrow an analogy from our late friend Dr. S. K. Karanja, this is trying to fish a prettier piece of shit out of the toilet bowl to keep it from being contaminated by the uglier shit.

Speaking of shit, black American pastor Rev. A. R, Bernard of something called the “Christian Cultural Center” (sic) released this statement:

Roe V Wade Statement

The overturning of Roe v. Wade, by the U.S. Supreme Court, did not make abortions illegal, but has left it up to individual states to decide whether to outlaw abortions in their jursidiction. The abortion issue in our nation is not as simple as some would have us believe. Elected officials should respond thoughtfully and compassionately, protecting the life of the unborn, without treating those women having or seeking an abortion as criminals. [Emphasis mine. -Editor]

We must also address the inequities and deficiencies in our healthcare system and social programs, that continue to fail women in our society. We must have equal concern for life outside the womb as we have for life in the womb. As Christians we believe in the sanctity of life. However, the Church should extend love, support and advocacy, without condemnation for those women with crisis pregnancies, Christ came to heal the broken, not harm the wounded.

Rev. A. R. Bernard, Christian Cultural Center

Reverend Bernard, let me introduce you to “the wounded“:


The deception in the mouths of pastors who serve the will of rebellious women (not the will of GOD) could not be more revolting. When Jesus said, “woman thou art loosed from thine infirmity” He was speaking of actual healing from an actual flow of blood. Today, the flow of blood is primarily from the children being murdered by women, and when the Reverend Bernards and T.D. Jakes of this world say “woman, thou art loosed,” they do not mean what Jesus meant. Instead, they have loosed Jezebel to murder innocent boys and girls made in the Image of God without being categorized as criminals.

Let us repent of feminism, full stop. Maybe the Lord and Creator of these children, Who commanded Eve: “he shall rule over thee” will have mercy on our souls. Where are the men who will throw this Jezebel Feminism off the parapet? The dogs of the righteous are thirsty. All glory to the Lord Jesus Christ, Who is the Second Adam. His Mother is blessed!]

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