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Abortion, a spiritual warfare

by Wavinya Wanyasa
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I begin by thanking the most high for the gift of life and the almost, rare opportunity to be able to tell what is good from the evil surrounding us.
In this era of the artificial covid narrative, alot of people have sunk in to depression owing to the fear that has continually encompassed them.
And ,Just when one would think that humanity would be more kinder at such a time, policies after policies targeting the pre borns have been passed and are continually being pushed. These policies of murder of the pre borns have continually preyed on human emotions to try and make people believe that it is a human right.
The challenge that has been over the years is, having the need to convince people that abortion isn’t healthcare, neither is it a human right. So why is it still a challenge? why do we still find ourselves explaining and pointing out that abortion is indeed murder ? do the propagators of this damned evil know exactly what abortion is?
Well, let’s reason together…
Women who seek abortion services know and are somehow aware that they are in actual sense destroying a life.The abortionists know far too well that they are killing a human being and, it is almost like they become souless and do this evil as a business. Reminds me of an article where a research revealed that physicians who would ordinarily recommend and even offer abortion services, would themselves not have abortions.This obviously owing to the fact that, they know that abortion is gruesome murder of an innocent human being.
If then for a fact, both the women seeking the services of the abortionists and the abortionists themselves do know that abortion is murder, what really is fuelling this madness?
Well, I acknowledge that there are forces of darkness surrounding the industry of abortion, this is a spiritual warfare involving satan himself as the author of this evil.
One of the books that I reference on this matter is the book of Enoch 69: 13 “And the fifth was named Kasdeja: this is he who showed the children of men all the wicked smitings of spirits and demons, and the smitings of the embryo in the womb that it may pass away.”
These fallen angels taught men and women all manner of evil to desecrate the most high and destroy humanity. It’s no secret at all, that even after evidence based research shows that conception is already a human being in development, the blood thirsty vampires will still push the agenda.
The sponsors of this evil are themselves Satanists and know that abortion is in actual sense a brutal ritual to their deity, satan.
With all this in mind, the question that begs then is, what do we do about it? Or how do we scale around them successfully to destroy their work?
Strategic prayer and action, going to the grassroots and teaching people the truth. Arming them with facts and upholding the cultures that protect and revere the pre born, calling out on people to stand up and even confront these abortionists peddling their services in neighborhoods and calling out to governments to ensure laws are in place to protect the preborn and charge those committing the crime, In this case, the mother of the slain baby and the hit man hired to destroy the little life.
If we can take back our power from policy makers and entrench GOD’S laws while reaching out to women in pregnancy crisis, we will have averted the anger and wrath of our creator and the universe.
Keep in mind that we are not alone and that we have the backing of the creator of life on our side. we should then be bold with this truth and fight abortion at all levels even within our communities. Take your time, reach out to the young people around you, have your talks extended to your church gathering and intentionally talk about this evil to have it rooted out.

Live, Love and Let live

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